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If you need some time to explore without unnecessary and invasive interruptions, turn on Passive Mode.

Passive Mode is a feature in GTA 5 Online multiplayer that prevents other players from harming you with any weapons. Players can still run you over in cars, crash into you with airplanes, or launch boats at you, but they also won’t know where you are. Passive mode lets you act like a non-playable character.

Likewise, while in passive mode, you will not be able to use any weapons. You also should avoid getting into cars, as other players can still blow up any car or other vehicle you enter.

If you need some time to explore without unnecessary and invasive interruptions, this is your answer. It’s great for learning your way around Los Santos and exploring all of the different things you can do online, and it’s also handy when you’re stuck in an online lobby that is filled with griefers.

When enabled and you are on foot, other players can’t shoot you and you can’t shoot them. It’s wildly unrealistic (or wildly realistic, depending on where you live).

Find Passive Mode in the Interaction Menu

  • Note that passive mode only works while on foot; if you are in a vehicle, you can still be shot by other players.
  • Once passive mode is set, it will remain enabled when you are in Freemode until it is either disabled or you exit your GTA Online session.
  • After disabling/exiting passive mode, there is a delay before you can enable it again.

Classic Passive Mode

Classic Passive Mode is featured on the Xbox 360 and Playstation 3 versions only.

Classic Passive Mode will only be active while the player is on foot. Entering a vehicle disables passive mode immediately.  While inside a vehicle, the player regains access to their weapon wheel and are able to shoot and get shot at and in the process, get killed. The player’s vehicle is not immune to damage if they enter it in Passive Mode. Exiting a vehicle will immediately reactivate passive mode. Passive Mode ends if the passive player shoots at another player.

Players in Passive Mode on foot can be killed by players in vehicles (by being run over, hit with helicopter blades, etc.). Medical expenses will be incurred by the vehicle driver in these circumstances.

Enhanced Passive Mode

In enhanced passive mode, players will appear to all other players as a semi-transparent ghost and all other players will appear as semi-transparent ghosts to the passive player. Players in passive mode can not harm other players, and vice versa—even when using vehicles.

When driving or flying, the ghost-mode will be applied to their to the vehicle. The passive driver/pilot can not be targeted, suffers no damage directly caused by other players (explosions, bombs, gunshots, etc.), and the passive vehicle will be unable to collide with other players or their vehicles. Sticky Bombs will stick to a passive player’s car, but they will not be able to be detonated. Once the passive player exits the vehicle, the rules for detonation will apply again. If the passive player’s vehicle is somehow destroyed, the player will not be harmed by it.


  • Entering vehicles with mounted weapons (e.g. the Rhino tank) will disable passive mode
  • Passive mode can not be activated while there is a bounty on your player
  • Passive mode is not available to CEOs, Associates, or Motorcycle Club Presidents or Members
  • Players in passive mode are not able to take part in Freemode Events—activating passive mode while taking part in a freemode event will remove the player from the event
  • There is a 60-second cooldown after exiting passive mode before it can be activated again

Exiting Passive Mode

To disable Passive Mode you simply hold your Select button (PS3), Back button (Xbox 360), or M key (PC) to open the Interaction Menu, scroll down to Passive Mode and disable it.

Note that there will be a delay before you are able to enable passive mode again. You can also disable passive mode by exiting the GTA Online session.

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