Freemode Events

With the latest GTA Online Update, Rockstar has added Freemode Events to GTA Online. Freemode Events allow players in online lobbies to participate in events to earn cash and RP without leaving the Freemode lobby. Players can drive, hunt, chase and shoot their way to victory, offering an unprecedented level of structured chaos in Freemode. From Kill List to Moving Target, there is a plethora of options unique to the GTA Online experience. We have assembled a list of Freemode Event tips and tricks to help you get the most cash and RP possible from participating in Freemode Events.


There are currently twelve different events that are possible to participate in while in a Freemode lobby, as well as 19 unique Freemode challenges.

Hunt the Beast

The Beast is a stronger, faster (and hairier) version of yourself

Hunt the Beast


Each player that chooses to join in before the event starts has a chance to become the Beast – a stronger, faster (and hairier) version of themselves. The goal is to visit Landmarks around Los Santos and Blaine County as the Beast, collecting cash and RP while other players in the session try to hunt you down. As the Beast, your blip is only visible on the Radar to other players at the start of the Event, and then for successively longer intervals after visiting each Landmark. 


For Hunters:

  • To follow the Beast for an extended period of time, use the Expanded Radar by going into Settings, then Display.
  • Listen for any growling sounds while hunting the Beast — this means the Beast is nearby.
  • Work together. Have one person follow the Beast in a chopper to relay the Beast’s location to people on the ground. Remember the Beast is stronger and faster than you are, and try to hunt in packs.
  • Pedestrians will flee from the Beast. Pay close attention to irregular driving patterns such as fast accelerating vehicles, abrupt lane changes or U-turns.
  • Work in small teams with one person taking the wheel whilst the others navigate and keep an eye out for the Beast.

For the Beast:

  • Plan your collection route in order to hit the checkpoints as efficiently as possible.
  • Try to stick to underground tunnels whenever possible to avoid detection by opposing player’s aircrafts.
  • If you are discovered, your boosted health rating makes it possible to survive a small onslaught. Try to focus on the Hunter(s) that pose the most immediate threat and try not to get cornered. Flee the scene as soon as possible.
  • If you find that you’re being tailed by a helicopter, stop and destroy it to buy time to get away from enemies who may know your position.


King of the Castle


Secure the Castle area marked on your radar to become King of the Castle and earn both cash and RP. Stay in the Castle to remain as the King for as long as possible. For each second that you’re in the Castle area you earn one point, and for each kill you earn five. Until another player is able to forcibly remove you from your Castle, your RP and GTA$ will continue to pile up.


  • Focus your sights on the King as killing other players will only benefit the head of the kingdom.
  • The one civilian you should feel free to go after is the points leader. If they aren’t currently the King, taking them out on your way to the Castle area will prevent them from adding to their score. 
  • Once you do claim the throne, well-placed proximity mines can be a great defense of the Castle – hopefully helping to extend your reign for a good long while.
  • Merryweather will gladly help out for a small fee so be sure to call in Mercenaries or a Backup Helicopter to dethrone the current King.


Moving Target


The objective of this event is to safely deliver of a single vehicle. You can have a friend help with securing the cash and RP bonuses. Moving Target will put your driving or flying skills to the test while other participants will gunning for the reward for taking you out. When the random vehicle appears on your Radar, rush over to its location and be the first the secure it. If the vehicle requires a gunner, you will receive some much-needed support.


  • While one person focuses on steering the picked-up vehicle to a safe delivery, have someone else ride shotgun to fend off attackers (make sure to share the cash).
  • Don’t alway rely on the GPS — keeps your eyes out for shortcuts that are faster or safer.


Hot Property


Grab the briefcase and go!

Hold onto a Briefcase for as long as you can. The game doesn’t end until the eight minute timer is up. As long as you are holding onto the Briefcase the other players will know where to find you. At the end of the Event the three players who held on to the Briefcase the longest will score cash and RP bonuses.


  • Once you obtain a Briefcase, stay on the move as much as possible! A fast car such as the Kuruma is ideal.
  • Briefcases can be picked up from inside your vehicle, allowing you to avoid exiting your car and thus being more vulnerable to enemy fire.
  • Consider working with a partner to help secure the Briefcase and then share the cash if you win.


Checkpoint Challenge

Compete with all your Freemode competitors in a mad dash across southern San Andreas. Who will be the first to race or fly through all the designated checkpoints for fame, fortune and reputation?

Kill List and Kill List Competitive

Take control of some of heavy artillery and duke it out with the mercenaries from Merryweather Security. Rack up GTA$ and RP for each kill.

Dead Drop

Fight for possession of valuable contraband and see if you can make the drop first in this ruthless smuggler’s run.

Penned In

When you see the enormous dome appear over the Los Santos skyline, jump into the closest ride and find your way into it before the timer starts. Then, stay within the dome as it begins to move and shrink, smashing and bashing rivals out. Those who are left out of the dome for more than 7 seconds will explode. See if you can be the sole survivor at the very end.

Criminal Damage

Whet your appetite for destruction with an all-you-can-eat buffet. Get strapped with a favorite piece of heavy artillery and let loose over a given time period with no wanted level in sight. Wanton destruction is rewarded with every bullet hole and blast. The player with the largest property damage bill who causes the most destruction will win.

Hold the Wheel

A Sanchez, a Golf Cart or another otherwise humble mode of transport is made into an indestructible marked vehicle. Take command of it and avoid all the other jackers and assailants in your session to be the one behind the driver’s seat when time runs out. Try and go for it solo to keep the entire GTA$ award for yourself, or shrewdly partner up with a gunner to ride with you for protection and split the earnings.

Time Trial

Record the fastest time possible, with a new course to master every week that awards you GTA$ and RP for beating our target time or your own personal best – and a championship worthy haul if you can take down the World Record.

Freemode Challenges

Compete in 19 unique Challenges against your Freemode friends and foes. See who can perform the longest jump, who can drive the farthest without crashing, who can fall the longest distance without dying, who can freefall the farthest before pulling their ‘chute – and many other ways to risk your neck to try and be a top 3 finisher for GTA$ and RP rewards.