Could a Zombie Mode be coming to GTA 5?



While the highly-anticipated online Heists mode for GTA 5 is expected to drop on March 10th, rumors are sparking around the web regarding previous rumors of a possible Zombie mode being included as DLC.

Aside from the promised “Prison Break” missions and bank heists missions, Realty Today claims “GTA V” gamers will also be battling zombies with the release of online Heists. The site referred to an old report from Game Ranx, which talked about the possibility of the single player zombie DLC to be featured with online Heists.

A code which was supposedly mined from the game showed the words “main_ZMB.” “This led many to think that the ‘ZMB’ refers to zombies, which would see the light of day in the upcoming Heists DLC,” Realty Today wrote. However, Rockstar Games has yet to confirm if zombies will indeed be featured with the release of online Heists for “GTA V.”

This is not the first time rumours of a zombie DLC for “GTA V” has surfaced. International Digital Times once shared a cover photo for the August issue of PlayStation Official Magazine, which teased the presence of the undead in the game. The zombie DLC was once rumoured for an October or November 2014 release.

This makes us wonder, however, would Rockstar release a Zombies mode without making it a standalone DLC like the Red Dead Redemption Zombie DLC? I guess we’ll have to wait and find out.

Likewise, “GTA V” tipster Chr0m3xMoDz also shared on his YouTube page another source code that hinted of the zombie DLC. According to Gamerant, when players select the word “Dead” the game will automatically check for a code called “SPZOMBIES.” Chr0m3xMoDz is believed to be a reliable source with anything relating to “GTA V,” since he reportedly also backed up the leaked casino DLC with actual gameplay.

Check out this Zombie mode made for GTA 5.

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