Some Trailers You Can Tow And Some You Cannot – GTA 5 Home


I’m stoked that you can tow trailers in GTA V. I was very disappointed in GTA IV when I learned that you couldn’t tow anything. Why that is, I don’t know. But its fun to hook up a trailer and hit the freeway with it in my mind anyway.

Whether its trying to drive through traffic with a load or its high speeds, trailer bouncing all around knocking out pedestrians type of driving. Having a trailer is awesome!

So why is it that there’s more trailers in the game that you can’t hook up to than there is cars that you can drive? I mean, there’s a trailer with a rigged up ramp going through it in the shipping yard that would have been killer to drive around with and setup the ramp at different locations. Which I really hope they allow in GTA Online on October 1st because that would be awesome!

I love being able to steal a big rig and hook up to the rare semi trailers. Your chances of finding a trailer without a lock on the front of it in GTA V is more rare than finding a free hooker. Actually, there all free if you just assassinate them after getting your bit of entertainment out of them. But we’re not here to talk about those whores, we want trailers!

I expected there to be a way to break off the locks of trailers, but you can’t even do that. The locks are more secure than the jet in the airport, but then again even that’s possible to steal with a good plan and an excellent trigger finger.

Point is, I want to play Grand Theft Auto Trailers. I’ll put it on my christmas list for Santa.

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