Prevent Vehicle Loss Migrating from PS3, Xbox 360 to PC




Rockstar has announced that they are aware of an issue where vehicle data can be lost when migrating from PlayStation 3 or Xbox 360 to PC if you have not played GTA Online since December 2013. To prevent this loss of data, simply play GTA Online on your PlayStation 3 or Xbox 360 before transferring and ensure your character is saved.

  1. Enter GTA Online on your PS3 or Xbox 360. If you have not played in a long time, you will be prompted to accept a Title Update.
  2. Pause the Game
  3. Scroll to the “ONLINE” tab
  4. Select the “Leave GTA Online” option
  5. The game will now save on the latest Title Update, and your vehicles will now transfer properly to PC

An orange spinning icon will appear at the bottom right of your screen as you transition back into Story Mode, indicating that your character is saving. Once that icon disappears and you are in Story Mode, you can shut off the console. You can now transfer your character to PC.

If you have already transferred your character to PC and you have lost your vehicles, Rockstar asks that you you submit a request to the team for assistance here.

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