Colored Blips


The Map and Radar will highlight nearby players and color code them.

Crew colored outlines for your Crew mates and blue outlines for your Friends.

Red outlines show players with active bounties on their heads – hunt these degenerates down to earn both cash and a sense of moral superiority.

  • Keep an eye on your Radar as much as possible so you can spot blips as they approach, don’t let anyone sneak up on you!
  • In LTS matches, player’s blips are always shown, but it is possible to call Lester and have him hide your blip temporarily.
  • In Deathmatches, blips are not shown by default, however if a player makes noise (by running or firing a weapon) then their blip is revealed for a few seconds. However you can call Lester and for a small fee he can reveals all player blips on the map.

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