Recording Clips

recording options

Options when starting recording


Players can record clips of their gameplay using either of the Manual or Action Replay recording modes. The recorded clips will not be limited to the traditional camera view seen when editing the recorded video — there are a variety of camera tools and perspectives at your disposal.

Note: There will be an on-screen indicator while recording if the clip has camera edit restrictions. Saved clips that have camera restrictions will have a special message associated with them in Clip Management.

Modes Of Recording

There are two modes of recording: Manual Recording and Action Replay.

For Manual Recording:

  • On PC: hold ALT and press F1
  • On Xbox One: hold DOWN and press A
  • On PS4:

For Action Replay:

  • On PC: hold ALT and press F2
  • On Xbox One: hold DOWN and press X
  • On PS4:

Manual Recording

When using Manual Recording, players can start and stop recording during gameplay with the push of a button. Clips will continuously record in the background until you press LEFT ALT and choose ‘Save Recording’ [F1] or ‘Cancel Recording’ [F3]. Saved clips will playback in-sequence as continuous action.

Action Replay

In Action Replay recording mode, players are able to save moments after they have happened. When Action Replay is activate, GTA 5 continuously buffers recorded data in the background but doesn’t save anything until the player decides to create an Action Replay. When a noteworthy event happens, you can retroactively choose to capture it by holding ALT and pressing F1 to choose ‘Save Action Replay’.

Note: Canceling the recording will delete all data recorded since the last clip was saved. All clips saved prior to that point will still be in place.