Pfister Comet SR Now Available in GTA Online – GTA 5 Home


Like everyone in Los Santos, you’ve got fond memories of the original Pfister Comet. Cruising through Vinewood with a bellyful of Bull Shark Testosterone dropping alpha sized one-liners about the size of your bonus… Picking up hitchhikers and passing them off as your fiancé at family gatherings or losing the LSPD in a straight line along the main drag.

This race-tuned bullet is built for only one thing: to make everyone else look like the asthmatic kid in gym class. Pick up the Pfister Comet SR sports car at Legendary Motorsport today.


Legendary Motorsport has a new car in stock starting today: the all-new Pfister Comet SR — a race track inspired edition of the Pfister Comet. The Comet SR comes equipped with a roll cage and spoiler by default, updated front and rear appearance options, and carbon fiber reinforcement throughout.

Pick up the Pfister Comet SR sports car as part of the Doomsday Heist update at Legendary Motorsport today for $1,145,000. A previous update to the Doomsday Heist at the end of January added another new Pfister car — the Pfister Neon.

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