Do Unlimited Wheelies in GTA Online



Some GTA’ers have found and shared a new glitch: a way to perform unlimited wheelies in GTA Online. Read on below to find out the steps to see this glitch for yourself.


The Unlimited Wheelie Glitch

The basic steps to performing this glitch are:

  1. Drive a truck with a bed out to Paleto Bay.
  2. Get the bulldozer from the location on the map below in Paleto Bay.

    Map of the location of the bulldozers in Paleto Bay

    The location in Paleto Bay that bulldozers spawn at.

  3. Drive it across the street to the location on the map below and grab bales of hay with the bulldozer.

    Map of the location where hay bales spawn

    Across the street from where the bulldozers spawn, where you can pick up a bale of hay.

  4. Drive the bulldozer (with the haystack in the loader of the bulldozer) back to the bulldozer spawn location across the street.
  5. Have one person back the truck up in the ditch while another lowers the bale of hay into the bed of the truck.

    Loading hay into a truck with a bulldozer

    Use the bulldozer to load the bale of hay into the bed of a truck. It helps to have a friend backing the truck up the slope while the hay is being loaded.

  6. Once the hay is loaded, the player who picked up the hay has to be the one to drive the truck in order to do wheelies. Other players will see the truck doing wheelies, but they won’t see the bale of hay in the bed of the truck.

    Truck doing wheelies with a bale of hay in the back

    With the player who can see the bale of hay driving, the truck will do unlimited wheelies.


The Video

Watch the video below (courtesy of YouTuber CodFlaws) to see in-depth details to perform the glitch.

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