LS Customs


Residents of Los Santos take great pride in their cars.

They spend the majority of the day in them. They ignore their families in them. They learn to fear their fellow man in them. And they try to make them look unique.

When you’re ready to trick out your ride, pay a visit to LS Customs, because nothing says class like chrome.

Customized wheels, paint, body kits and much more are available so you can express yourself through spray paint and injection molded plastic.

  • You can make any non-premium vehicle a Personal Vehicle by applying a tracker.
  • You can Insure any vehicle you have applied a tracker to. If an insured vehicle is destroyed you can make a claim by calling Mors Mutual Insurance (they will be added to your phone Contacts the first time you insure a vehicle).
  • Car mods can give you an advantage in Races but remember that the Lobby host can disable custom vehicles to even the playing field.
  • If you are wasted by the Cops then your car will be impounded. If you don’t retrieve it or call out a different Personal Vehicle from your garage then it will be destroyed. However you can always claim for it by calling Mors Mutual Insurance.

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