Finding Your Friends


You should be placed straight into any sessions containing your Friends automatically – if you find yourself in a game without them, then it may be because they are already on a Job.

If you hate being alone and you don’t want to meet new people, you can join your Friends on their Job easily by hitting the Friends tab in the Pause Menu – select an online Friend and hit ‘Join Game’ to join their action.

  • If you want to join a Friend’s session directly you can find them in the Pause Menu > Friends list, select them and hit ‘Join Game’.
  • You can also use Online > Join Friends to join a session containing Friends – if there are any sessions that have space.
  • You can create Friends-only sessions which only your Friends can join.
  • You can add new Friends by finding their player card in Online > Players – this will show active players in your current session. If you select someone from this list you can send them a friend request directly.

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