Disappointed with Police in GTA 5


Police in Los Santos are no different than they were years ago when Grand Theft Auto was introduced to gamers. The police are out of control and only stirring up trouble for GTA 5. Between the killings of innocent people to the dangerous police chases that happen on a daily basis. Its time to fight back and hold all cops accountable for their crimes when on duty. A badge is not a get out of jail card.

Whether its a minor traffic accident where you hit a cop cruiser after not completely coming to a stop or starring at a pedestrian on the sidewalk like your a crazy person. The police will treat you the same when you get a star as they will when you’ve got five stars. Only difference is the amount of police that come after you guns blazing. Your not questioned, nor are you handcuffed. Your shot to death if you move away from them when you first get a star. Even if its by accident, if you suddenly move away when they try to arrest you, your shot to death. There’s chases, but there’s no trying to rearrest you going to happen. Its cold blood murder.

I can’t recall how many times I’ve been rear ended by a drunk cop chasing another car in hot pursuit and then being given a 1 star wanted level for it, unless I’m playing as Franklin. Then its an automatic 2 star racism wanted level.


I expected more from cops though. If your going to include cops in a game like GTA V, then you have to do more with them. Cops are depicted as murderers, drunks while in pursuit of fleeing vehicles and just plain assholes when you get into trouble. Where’s the normal cops that pull over speeding cars, write tickets and do it all peacefully without making a scene? Of course, you have your occasional motorcycle cop taking radar on overpasses on the highway, but its all high speed pursuits. Every, single, police chase. But let’s not forget the police helicopter that tries to shootout your tires and kill your engine, that’s awesome!


You would have thought that a bizarre game like GTA V would include random moments where a cop has a car pulled over and is doing a DUI sobriety check on a suspected drunken individual. Or maybe even cops responding to traffic accidents and the entire emergency fleet closing down an intersection for a few hours to figure out what’s going on and do the normal paperwork.

Most of all, I expected to do more as a cop as a player than dress up as a motorcycle cop, put on my helmet, and steal super cars. Every time I’m in a police whip and pull over a person they always pull away when I get out. Maybe its because I’m wearing plain clothes, who knows.

But don’t get me wrong, the game is not all about cops. There’s way more to it than just pretending to be a cop and I completely understand that. But its an open world game where you expect a bunch of randomness going on and more from it.

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