If you want to join a Crew, you can find Active Crews with open membership at the Rockstar Games Social Club website – make new Friends and allies and then take to the streets to battle with other Crews.

You can improve your reputation and earn cash by completing Jobs in a Crew. If you rank your Crew up, you will unlock special bonuses. Or you and your Friends can create a private Crew and really go after strangers. If you don’t want to join a Crew, then have fun playing with yourself.

  • You can find the Crew options in the Online > Crews menu.
  • In the Crews menu you can view invitations and requests, and you’ll find other useful features such as the ability to browse your Friends’ Crews.
  • You can invite a Friend to join your Crew by opening their player card in the Pause Menu > Friends list, selecting them and then selecting ‘Invite to (your Crew).’
  • You can take part in Crew Challenges via the Online > Playlists > Challenges menu.

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