Vinewood Zombie Shirt Available This Weekend Only in GTA Online

A special Vinewood Zombie shirt will be available this weekend only in GTA Online! Get it at Ponsonbys locations around Los Santos.

11/22/14 Grand Theft Auto V Patch Notes

Today, Rockstar has released a patch on Xbox One and PlayStation 4 for GTA 5 that resolves issues with players experiencing connection problems online.

Pedal and Metal cycles stock a small but varied selection...

15 new screenshots from Grand Theft Auto V for PC

15 new screenshots from Grand Theft Auto V for PC

New Easter Egg: Eat Peyote, Play as Bigfoot

The recent Freemode Events update for GTA 5 included a new easter egg, allowing your character to eat a peyote plant and turn into Bigfoot. Find out how.

Xbox ONe GTA 5 Cheat Codes

Find out what cheats GTA 5 has to offer and how much fun they make the game.

Real Estate

Visit to browse the many luxurious, or not so...

Lester Attacks Stranger after Player is Hit by Vehicle

Lester whoops some random stranger after hitting the player with his car.

Do Unlimited Wheelies in GTA Online

Follow the steps in the guide below to learn how to perform unlimited wheelies in GTA Online. Impress your friends with your wheelie skills!

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