GTA Online Prison Break Heist – Double Score Weekend

Round up your most trusted criminal associates. Word has hit the streets that over the next few days, the incentives from Agent 14 for breaking Maxim Rashkovsky out of Bolingbroke will be twice as nice.

Heists – GTA 5 Heists

Single player Heists and Online Heists are large-scale, multi-tiered Missions in GTA 5 and GTA Online.

How many Heists will GTA Online Heists Launch with?

There are five unique strands involving over 20 total missions, which will add up to around 20 hours of gameplay.


You can access many useful features and options within the...

GTA 5 Hoverboard Glitch in GTA 5 Online

Here's a new glitch in GTA 5 online that you can do with the train that allows you to hover down the tracks without the train. You can't move freely, unfortunately!

Colored Blips

The Map and Radar will highlight nearby players and color...

GTA 5 Cars and Vehicles

Cars and other vehicles in GTA 5.

Online Freemode Events

GTA 5 Online Freemode Events happen all over San Andreas while in online lobbies. Read on for tips and tricks to maximize your earnings in Freemode Events.

Play GTA 5 on Oculus Rift with VorpX Driver

If you have Grand Theft Auto V PC and an Oculus Rift development kit, you can get a rare look at Los Santos in first-person virtual reality.

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