Streamer Has GTA 5 PC Steam Key Stolen during LIVE Stream

YouTube creator MrBossFTW started up his live stream to get his following time to witness the very first glimpse of GTA 5 PC the night of the launch. While loading up steam and entering his Steam key for the game, one of the over two thousand people watching his live stream redeemed that Steam key before he could.

His reaction was priceless.

He posted a follow up video, which can be seen below, where he explains his stupidity of streaming the key. He talks about Steam having access to view who redeemed his key as if that person should be punished. However, I don’t think Steam is going to punish a person for getting a Steam key from a live stream that you left on your screen before redeeming. That’s just stupidity on your part and you shall pay the price.

The more I think about this, the more I feel this is all staged and setup to get publicity for this guys YouTube channel. Either way, its hilarious and this guy must feel stupid whether its fake or not.

Remember kids, don’t live stream before you have your game key redeemed.

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