Heists Introduces 6 New Vehicles

Some new screenshots of GTA Online Heists have revealed the many vehicles fans will be employing in the service of the story mission, including no less than the HYDRA Jet.


The Hydra is a military VTOL fighter jet originally featured in GTA San Andreas. It was one of the most powerful vehicles you could play in the game, armed to the gills with missiles and countermeasures. It was originally intended to ship in the base game for GTA 5 as well, but was replaced in the middle of development by the P-996 LAZER.

Also coming and available for use in the DLC are the Karin Kurunma (based on the Mitsubishi Evolution X), the Valkyrie chopper helicopter (armed with guns and based on the Bell UH-1Y Venom), a heavy artillery attachment mod, the HVY Insurgent (an armored truck equipped with a mounted heavy artillery gun based on the Gurkha RPV), and a bright blue prison bus.






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