Gamer Steps Away from GTA V for a Moment, Mayhem Ensues

Be careful where you leave your character sitting in Grand Theft Auto V when you want to take a potty break next time. YouTube user Naswas took a few minutes to go grab a bite to eat and what happened during that time gone was far from the normal.

So lets break it down. Your stopped in traffic at a stop light and the player who is controlling this character, Naswas, stepped away to grab some food real quick. Only, it nearly cost him his characters life. Between the idiot AI drivers disobeying traffic signals and causing a traffic jam; to the gun fight between the police and criminals that just came out of nowhere. There is one thing that has always confused me in GTA V. The AI’s that get out of there car and run when they hear gunshots. So what, the enclosed metal car was not safer? You understand the car has a pedal that is for the gas, which makes it go fast right? Oh, and then you have those characters who do use that pedal, but forget how to use a steering wheel.

Just goes to show that mayhem is far more dangerous in GTA V when you go idle. Don’t go idle, or else.

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